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About CVIP


Executive Committee 2013-2014

President: Pam Sievers
Vice President: Stacey Bieler
Secretary: Sue McDonald
Treasurer: David Horner
Past President: David Horner
AdminServices Rep: Pat Barrett
Program Rep: Carol Towl

International Studies and Programs Representatives

Peter Briggs, Director of the Office for International Students and Scholars
Joy Walter, Outreach Coordinator (Office for International Students and Scholars)

Visioning Committee 2013-2014

Barbara Sawyer-Koch (Chair)
Other members to be announced
(Ex-officio Members) CVIP President, OISS Director, OISS Outreach Coordinator

Leadership Committee 2013-2014

Iris Horner and Stacey Bieler (Co-Chairs)
Other members to be announced

Administrative Services Committee 2013-2014

Stacey Bieler and Barbara Sawyer-Koch (Public Relations)
Pat Barrett (Website, Membership, Office)

Finance Committee 2013-2014

David Horner (Chair)
Other members to be announced
(Ex-officio Members) CVIP President and Vice President

Members-at-Large 20131-2014

Rick Emerson
Michael Harrison
Harsha Patel
Susan Ventocilla-Gailey

Historian 2013-2014

Stacey Bieler