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About CVIP


Executive Committee 2014-2015

President: Stacey Bieler
Vice President: Rick Emerson
Secretary: Sue McDonald
Treasurer: David Horner
Past President: Pam Sievers
AdminServices Chair: Pat Barrett
Program Rep: Carol Towl

International Studies and Programs Representatives

Joy Walter, Outreach Coordinator (Office for International Students and Scholars)

Leadership Committee 2014-2015

Pam Sievers (Chair)
Peggy Arbanas
Bernard Pope

Administrative Services Committee 2014-2015

Pat Barrett - Admiistrative Services Chair
Stacey Bieler and Barbara Sawyer-Koch (Public Relations and Newsletter)
Ruby Bato (Membership)
Barenard Pope (Office)
Pat Barrett and Ruby Bato (Website)

Finance Committee 2014-2015

David Horner (Chair)
Fred Fritz
Lee McAllister
(Ex-officio Members) CVIP President and Vice President

Members-at-Large 2014-2015

Michael Harrison
Harsha Patel
Susan Ventocilla-Gailey

Historian 2014-2015

Stacey Bieler