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About CVIP

What We Do

CVIP programs are designed to provide mutual learning across political, cultural and religious boundaries in accordance with the CVIP Mission Statement.

  • MSU Global Festival — CVIP and OISS organize this annual event during International Education Week in November.
  • International Friendship Program — Volunteers match MSU international students with volunteer community families for friendship and cross-cultural understanding.
  • Home Visits — Once a semester, international students in the A+ English Language School visit a variety of American homes in a warm and open setting.
  • Lending Center — Volunteers collect and loan out various household goods for newly-arrived international students living in MSU apartments.
  • Scholarship Committee — Committee members provide academic scholarships for the spouses of international students.
  • International Speakers Program — MSU international students are offered opportunities to share their culture with American school children and local community organizations.
  • International Spouse Connection — MSU international spouses meet weekly to make connections and to find friendship and support within the MSU international community.
  • Volunteer English Tutoring Program — VETP provides free English conversation lessons for Michigan State University's international students and scholars and their adult family members.
  • Administrative Services Committee — Volunteers support the CVIP organization as a whole and do not directly interact with international students. It is composed of three units: the CVIP Office, the Membership Committee, and Public Relations.

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