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Administrative Services

CVIP Administrative Services combines the functions of office, public relations and membership records maintenance. Community volunteers may choose one or more of the following if they wish to assist in the work of Administrative Services.

Office Volunteers:

  • staff the CVIP Office.
  • perform office tasks such as mass mailings, filing, and handling telephone calls, mail, and email.
  • facilitate communication among CVIP committees as needed.

All volunteers will be given an orientation to acquaint them with office routines.

Anyone may volunteer; especially welcome are those with people skills, a friendly manner and a desire to help others.

Office Manager sitting in the CVIP Office

Public Relations Volunteers:

  • maintain the CVIP Website.
  • distribute news releases to the press.
  • publish the CVIP Newsletter semi-annually.

Anyone may volunteer; especially welcome are those with experience in journalism, publishing and website construction.

Three Newsletter volunteers editing the CVIP Newsletter

Membership Volunteers:

  • maintain the CVIP membership list.
  • Provide address labels for mass mailings to the membership.

Anyone may volunteer; those having some database experience would be ideal.

If you wish to participate in the activities of one or more of the Administrative Services units, please fill out a CVIP Volunteer Application (/../apply/volunteer.htm).
The CVIP Office is located in Room 300F, on the 3rd floor of the MSU International Center. (view map (,mi&sll=42.726745,-84.479005&sspn=0.011617,0.019312&g=12C+International+Center+east+lansing,mi&ie=UTF8&ll=42.72624,-84.481773&spn=0.023234,0.038624&z=15&iwloc=A))

For more information, call: Stacey Bieler (Public Relations), (517) 332-0464 or Pat Barrett ( Office, Membership and Website), (517) 337-2212.

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