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Frequently Asked Questions

For MSU Students and Scholars

"How can I join CVIP?"

You can join CVIP by filling out the online application form for Internationals, to be found on any program website page. After completing the form, you click on "SEND" to email it to the CVIP Office.

"Are there any fees or dues associated with CVIP membership?"

No, CVIP membership is completely free at this time.

"How can I learn more about specific CVIP programs?"

Each of the CVIP programs has its own website page. Just click on the name of the program you wish to learn more about.

"How much do CVIP programs cost the students who participate in them?"

All but one of CVIP programs are free to participating students. The one exception is the Every Tuesday group, which sometimes charges a $2.00 fee to cover the cost of food or materials used in its weekly cooking or craft activity.

"How long does a CVIP membership last?"

Membership in CVIP lasts as long as the student is actively participating in one or more of the CVIP programs.

"I am an international student in Lansing Community College. Am I eligible to participate in CVIP programs?"

Sorry, the answer is "no". CVIP programs are limited to internationals who are directly involved in programs at MSU. Family members of MSU international students and scholars are also eligible for free CVIP membership.

"I am an international student enrolled in East Lansing High School. Can I join CVIP as a student member?"

Unfortunately, no, because CVIP only serves internationals who are involved in programs at MSU.