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International Friendship Program


The International Friendship Program helps Greater Lansing area residents get to know and establish mutually rewarding relationships with MSU international students. It provides a chance for the international student to get to know an American individual or family and feel welcome in the community while providing the family a unique opportunity to travel at home and learn about another country, culture and language.

This is NOT A HOME STAY program. Typically, the American friend meets with their student about once a month by inviting them to their home for dinner or going shopping, celebrating holidays, attending a concert, play or sports event, etc. Many students find the International Friendship Program the only way to get away from the academic environment and be invited into an American home. This program requests only a one-year commitment on the part of the student and the American host.

Participants in the International Friendship Program can be married with children or without, single, working or retired.

Student and family from International Friendship Program

If you are interested in participating as a host, please click here: International Friendship Program for Community Volunteers.

If you are an international student and/or scholar and are interested in participating, please click here: International Friendship Program for Students.

For more information, please call 517-353-1735 or email