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2016 Global Festival on November 13

From 1:00 To 6:00 PM in the MSU Union Building

Travel the World in One Day!

The Global Festival is truly a community event drawing together a crowd ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 visitors from the Lansing/East Lansing community and beyond. It celebrates both our diversity and the human experience that binds us together. This event contributes greatly to the spirit of community that is so unique to MSU, through the joint efforts of MSU's nationality student groups and the residents of the greater Lansing community.

Admission is free for this wonderful family event.

At the World Gift Shop, come in and shop for exotic, unique and beautiful international items. All items for sale are donations from community friends of the international students. All proceeds go towards tuition scholarships for qualified spouses of international students at MSU to gain expertise which they will bring back to their native countries. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to purchase great items or just enjoy viewing the hundreds of wonderful gifts.

Visit the MSU Nationality Club Exhibits. MSU student clubs, representing dozens of countries and regions around the world, work for months to prepare colorful and educational exhibits and demonstrations for you and your family. Young people can pick up a passport at one of the Welcome Tables and have their names written in many different languages upon visiting a variety of exhibits. They may hear Chinese, Hindi or Arabic spoken for the first time and learn how to say "hello" in a dozen different languages.

Enjoy an afternoon of International Student Performances. More than 7,000 MSU international students attend MSU, and many of them belong to an MSU nationality club. At least 30 of the nationality clubs representing world areas and individual countries will share their culture and talents during an afternoon of exciting and colorful performances. Expect music, dancing and demonstrations. Performances will not be a mere talent show, but hopefully will be a learning experience for all, showing the culture of the students' countries or world area.

Families with children should seek out the Children's Games. In the past, MSU students have offered a variety of activities and games, all with an international theme. There might be a relay race using chopsticks, face painting using national flags or symbols, or a guessing game involving unidentified countries on a big world map.

The Global Festival is the best family event in town - and it's free!

For more information, call Joy Shantz, (517) 353-1720 or