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Board Member Directory

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Katy Bahrami Organization: CVIP Website
Title: Co-Manager
Phone: 517-974-1052
Email: katayounbahramii(at)

Stacey Bieler - Away until 2018 Organization: Executive Committee/Lending Center/Public Relations
Title: Past President/Historian/ Co-Chair/Manager
Phone: 517-332-0464
Email: jsbie(at)

Bernard Pope Organization: AdminServices/Treasurer/CVIP Office
Title: Chair/Manager
Phone: 517-381-9039
Email: pope(at)

Rick Emerson Organization: Executive Committee
Title: President
Phone: 517-243-2649
Email: rickemerson447(at)

Lisa Homeniuk Organization: CVIP Board
Title: Co-Vice President
Phone: 337-2297
Email: lhomeniuk(at)

Barbara Sawyer Koch Organization: International Student Lending Center
Title: Co-Chair
Phone: 775-6000
Email: sawyerkoch1(at)

James Dorsett Organization: International Studies and Program Representatives
Title: Director of OISS
Phone: 353-1720
Email: jdorsett(at)

Don Christenson Organization: International Spouse Connection
Title: Co-Chair
Phone: 517-339-2230
Email: christ10(at)

Raj Wiener Organization: CVIP Board
Title: Member at Large
Phone: 517-719-5399
Email: rajwiener(at)

Connie Wolfe Organization: CVIP Board
Title: Member at Large
Phone: 517-980-6373
Email: cbwolfe(at)