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President's Message

Raj 2019 pic.JPG On behalf of Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) at   OISS-MSU, I am extending a warm welcome to our global students and   community volunteers. Even in this unprecedented time of social distancing   and virtual encounters, friendships at CVIP stay connected and genuine. We   remain committed to caring for your safety and success as we build a better   world one encounter at a time. 

Since 1969, when volunteers organized warm winter clothing for international Spartans, CVIP has grown!  Presently, as a community organization with hundreds of volunteers CVIP can extend friendship and support for many cultural, educational, social, and financial needs of international students, visiting scholars and spouses.   

In addition to resources already mentioned, CVIP offers the goodwill of the greater Lansing community. Often students who are away from their homelands may experience loneliness and isolation. Yet, we all have so much to learn from and offer to each other at MSU. Let’s do this together. Bring your talents and time to CVIP. Consider participating as a student or volunteer in the following programs (see complete descriptions under PROGRAMS).

• Volunteer English Tutoring Program (VETP)
International students/scholars: Improve your English in classes with other internationals or one-on-one with a tutor (conversation partner)
Community members: Conduct a class or serve as a tutor (conversation partner)

• International Friendship Program (IFP)
International students/scholars: Get to know community members and local culture
Community members: Provide friendship

• Community Pen Pals (CPP)- students correspond with community members before arriving on campus. Find out about community, culture, shopping, cuisine and more students sign up through OISS
Community members: help student acclimate

• The International Student Lending Center - COVID19 Safety Measures in effect currently
International students/scholars: Borrow basic household items
Community members: Volunteer time and/or donate household items

• I SPEAK (International Speakers Program)
International Students and Scholars: Educate the community about yourself and your home country
Community members: Organize student transportation and support for volunteer speaking engagements

• Global Festival Gift Shop raises money for scholarships. Funds are available for 2020-21
Students, scholars and community members: Volunteer prior to and/or on the day of the Global Festival. Gift Shop is postponed until 2021
Community members: Donate international items for the sale and/or help price items before the sale

• International Spouse Connection (ISC)- organizes weekly activities
International spouses: Meet other international spouses
Community members: Volunteer to teach a hobby, organize outings to local attractions, plan activities for families

• Home Visits - visit a local home and learn about the community and host
Community members: Drivers and hosts are always welcome.

Please follow the online application process on this website to join us.  Reach out and we will reach back!  



CVIP President 2020-21