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Home Visits

Home visits are arranged by committee volunteers once each semester. They invite international guests to a variety of area homes once each semester for refreshments, conversation, and a first-hand look at the way Americans live.

homevisits586.jpgEach home visit lasts about 1-1/2 hours. Volunteers can sign up to host a small group of students in their home and/or drive the students to and from the home visits. Right now, this program is open only to students enrolled in the VETP or the A+ English Language School.

If you would like to help arrange home visits as a Home Visits Committee member, please fill out a Community Volunteer Application.

homevisits_index.jpgIf you live in the greater Lansing area and are interested in opening your home to international ESL students or would like to drive students to and from a home visit, please fill out a Community Volunteer Application.

For more information, call Iris Horner at 517-349-1865 or Wendy Pope at 517-381-9039.