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CVIP as the MSU international community

CVIP has served the MSU international community for over 54 years and has been recognized by various organization for the various commitment of its members and its spirit of volunteerism.  Here are some of the awards that CVIP has received.

  • 1986 - State of Michigan Legislature Concurrent Resolution No. 923.
    "To honor the Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) on their twenty-fifth anniversary, November 15, 1986." Adopted by the Senate, November 12, 1986, and the House of Representatives, November 13, 1986.
  • 1978 - US Department of State, Agency for International Development, Certificate of Cooperation.
    "For an outstanding contribution to the training and development of A.I.D. International participants under the U.S. program to assist in the economic and social development of other countries..."
  • 1991 - City of East Lansing, Michigan, Resolution of Appreciation to CVIP.
    "For their dedication and commitment to furthering international understanding through the celebration of cultural diversity at the 1991 East Lansing Art Festival."
  • 1993 - National Council for International Visitors, Wash. DC.
    To CVIP "for its demonstrated dedication and concern for the international exchange and training programs of the United States Government..."
  • 1994 - Michigan State University, International Studies and Programs.
    "Special recognition for outstanding contribution to international activities."
  • 1997 - City of East Lansing, Michigan, Crystal Award.
    Presented (to CVIP) by the East Lansing City Council (for creating) "...a network and support system to welcome visitors to our community from all over the world... How fortunate for us that we have this dedicated corps of volunteers who have made this their mission."
  • 2000 - State of Michigan Governor's Certificate of Commendation.
    "For being selected as a Governor's Service Award finalist in the category of exemplary volunteer service" by an adult civic organization.
  • 2000 - Haslett English as a Second Language.
    "Thanks and appreciation to CVIP for your time, caring and contribution to our program."
  • 2005 - Michigan State University All-University Excellence in Diversity Unit Award.
    "In Recognition of Excellent Progress Toward Advancing Diversity Within Community."
  • 2011 - State of Michigan Legislature, Special Tribute.
    To CVIP "to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Community Volunteers for International Programs...We commend everyone who has contributed to (CVIP's) success..."