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Volunteering with CVIP

CVIP is always looking for qualified, enthusiastic community volunteers. You can find descriptions of all of our active programs under the Program Overview. In addition to CVIP programming, you can also become a volunteer in the CVIP Administrative Services.

To apply for a program or programs, please go to the end of this page.

Volunteering Once or Twice a Year 

The Global Festival Gift Shop

Once a year, on a Sunday afternoon in November, you could help to staff the Global Festival Gift Shop, a fundraiser for the CVIP Lillian Kumata Scholarship Program.  No sales experience is necessary.

Home Visits Program

Once a semester, international ESL students visit local homes for coffee and conversation practice.  The visits usually take place on a Wednesday morning and last about three hours.  You could choose to open your home to the students or offer to drive them to and from their home visit.  Drivers must have a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and auto insurance.

 Administrative Services Public Relations Committee 

 You could assist the Administrative Services Public Relations team in co-editing and publishing the Newsletter twice a year, during the fall and spring semesters.  Some editorial experience is required, and the ability to use layout software is desired but not necessary.


Volunteering Once or Twice a Month 

International Friendship Program (IFP)

There are two ways to volunteer:

  1. You could offer to be a friend to an international student, scholar or family. Local friends meet with their students once or twice (or more, if desired) a month, for mutually enjoyable activities.  Meetings could feature a shared meal, a sports event, a shopping excursion or anything else that might inform the student about American culture and customs.  An orientation session is required of all volunteers, but no experience is required.
  2. You could help the IFP leaders to match local community volunteers with international students and to assist with orientations and record keepingNo special experience is necessary.

International Speakers Program (I SPEAK)

When students have to make presentations to schools/organizations off campus, you could drive them to and from their speaking engagements.  A valid drivers license, car insurance and vehicle registration are all required.

International Student Lending Center

The Lending Center is staffed by volunteers twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, for one to two hours at a time.  You could help international students and their families select appropriate household wares to borrow from the Center.  Volunteers may choose to staff the Center as often as once or twice a week or only once a month.  An orientation to the operation of the Center is required of all volunteers.

CVIP Public Relations Committee

You could assist the Committee chairperson to promote CVIP with visual and artistic skills to develop and revise media.  Time commitments vary with the type of promotion effort involved.  Some acquaintance with word processing and graphic software programs is necessary.

Volunteer Once a Week 

International Spouse Connection (ISC)

The spouses of international students meet once a week throughout the year at the Friendship House, usually for several hours on Friday afternoons.  You could assist the ISC chairpersons to help arrange the weekly program, attend meetings and provide transportation on field trips as needed.  No special experience is necessary.

Volunteer English Tutoring Program (VETP)

Become a conversation partner and meet one-on-one with an international student once a week to help the student practice speaking English.  Meetings usually last an hour and are held at a mutually convenient time and place.  There are no special requirements but an enjoyment of meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and a willingness to act as a guide to the language and culture of the U.S.

CVIP Administrative Services

You could volunteer to staff the Office in the MSU International Center once a week for several hours.  Duties include checking for mail and phone messages.  A thorough orientation to Office routines is offered, and basic computer skills are required.

Or you might consider assisting the Membership Manager in keeping the CVIP membership records.  The time commitment involved varies with the need for entering new records into the CVIP membership data base.  Some experience with data base management is desirable.

Apply to Volunteer 

If you wish to volunteer as an International Friendship "friend", use the IFP Volunteer Application.

Volunteers interested in the VETP should use the Volunteer English Tutor Application.

All others, use the Community Volunteer Application.